Tasnia Shajahan's MSW Logo Programming Page

 Welcome to Tasnia's Logo Programing page.

Having trouble to work with MSW logo?

Well, here I am going teach you how to use the basics of MSW Logo.

This software helps us to make some basic shapes, using differrent techhniques.

Here are some things you need in order to use logo:


Starting with a simple line.

To make a straight line you can just type in one simple command on the commander.

fd x

X in this case can be any value.

The bigger this value is the longer your line will be.

100 might be a standard size.

Now that you know how to make a line, lets learn to make a simple square.

Write down the following steps in the 'commander' and lets see what happens.

 It creates a square.

Lets make a triangle:

To lazy to write so much everytime?

Logo has made life easier for all of us.

Now lets learn to use to use the repeat method.


Making a square using the repeat method:


Making a rectangle using the repeat method:

Making a rectangle using the repeat method:

Cool right?

Want to learn something even better and faster?

Use the 'to/end' program

Lets make a box using the to/end program.

type the following in the commander

to box

A dialogue box will appear.


Write down all the steps for making a square.

Now type end and hit enter.

All you now have to do is type box in the commander

And a box will appear on your screen.

You can do the same with any other shape.


Find logo a bit too dull?

Try adding some colours:

On the top left corner of your page you will see a tool bar.

If you click on 'Set' a drop down list will appear.

Now you can change the colour of your screen, pen and even the thickness of your pen.

Now you know a lot of things about the 'logo programming' software.

You can create pictures of your own

Here is a picture that I created using MSW Logo.




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